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Alice Hendy Suicide Prevention Plugin: Together We can Save Lives

Alice Hendy Suicide Prevention Plugin: Together We can Save Lives
Ripple Suicide Prevention Plugin

The suicide prevention plugin is here to make a change! In this digital era, the internet has become a lifeline for countless individuals seeking information and support. However, it can be a double-edged sword, with the potential to expose vulnerable individuals to harmful content, including digital bullying, articles, and discussions that promote suicide ideation.

In this blog post, we discuss the story of Alice Hendy, founder of Suicide Prevention Plugin, and the inspiration behind the idea after losing her only brother to suicide. Her journey to turn a personal tragedy into a force for good led to the development of the ground-breaking “Suicide Prevention Plugin.”

What is Ripple Suicide Prevention Plugin?

Ripple is a free web extension tool used to prevent self-harm and suicide. Alice Hendy decided to create it after losing her brother, Josh, to suicide in November 2020.

Before taking his life, Josh had searched online for suicide techniques. The search results provided a single helpline, but nothing else. Alice believed that those suffering from a feeling of hopelessness needed more.

The Ripple suicide prevention plugin offers mental health support to users who search for harmful content by providing them with different resources and a message of hope.

Is Alice Hendy the Founder of Ripple?

Alice Hendy is the only sister to Josh Hendy and a cybersecurity specialist from Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom. Alice Hendy is the founder of the Ripple Suicide Prevention Charity.

The founder of ripple suicide prevention is also a cyberculture manager at Deloitte and a JAAQ creator, covering the topic of suicide prevention and bereavement by suicide. With over six years of experience in cyber security. She is highly skilled in designing and implementing successful cyber awareness and education programs, reducing phishing susceptibility, and delivering global market communications. Alice Hendy has developed strong working relationships across the cyber industry.

Who is Josh Hendy, founder of Ripple Suicide Prevention?

Josh was the only brother to Alice. They were both strong supporters of West Ham Club, and they both enjoyed attending matches at the Boleyn Stadium. Alice, in her interview with West Ham Club United, revealed that Josh was very sociable and would be the last person that you’d think was severe with his mental health.

Before his untimely passing, Josh had been scouring the internet for information on suicide methods. Regrettably, the search results were sparse, offering only a solitary helpline, leaving Alice convinced that more comprehensive support was urgently needed.

Alice Hendy Booking and Event Speaking

The Cybersecurity Specialist is currently on a professional mission to provide more help and support to individuals conducting searches relating to self-harm or suicide online.  Alice has currently appeared at events to share her story and her mission to save lives through the work of Ripple.

Alice started Ripple in 2020 after losing her only sibling, Josh, to suicide at 21 years old. Ripple Suicide Prevention Plugin is an online interceptive tool that has been downloaded over a million times and saved countless lives. It displays a message of hope and a selection of mental health resources on a user’s device once they have been flagged as searching for harmful content online and provides them with mental health resources.

Imagine losing your only sibling! This calls for the need for one to check on their loved ones; the one who seems happy and strong could be suffering from mental illness.

The Dark Side of Online Searches

In a world where information is just a click away, the internet’s vastness often conceals a darker side. While the web is a treasure trove of knowledge and resources, it’s also a space where individuals in crisis may stumble upon articles and discussions that promote suicide ideation. A simple online search for phrases related to self-harm and despair can lead them down a treacherous path, with no support or guidance in sight. This grim reality deeply troubled Alice Hendy.

Alice’s Tragedy and Intervention

Alice’s journey to address this issue is rooted in personal tragedy. She experienced the devastating loss of her only brother, who succumbed to suicide. The pain and heartbreak of losing a loved one to suicide are indescribable, and for Alice, it was a turning point in her life. Fueled by grief and determination, she decided to make a change. She couldn’t bring her brother back, but she could help prevent others from experiencing the same fate.

The Birth of the Suicide Prevention Plugin

Alice’s expertise as a cybersecurity specialist provided her with the tools and knowledge needed to take action. She understood that a technological solution was required to combat the issue of online content promoting self-harm and suicide ideation. With unwavering dedication, Alice embarked on a mission to create the “Suicide Prevention Plugin.”

This groundbreaking plugin serves as a guardian angel on the internet. It filters online searches and identifies keywords related to suicide and self-harm. When a user searches for such content, instead of being exposed to harmful information, the plugin redirects them to a carefully curated list of support resources. These resources include crisis helplines, mental health organizations, and guidance on finding professional help. It’s a beacon of hope in the darkest corners of the web.

A Ray of Hope

Alice’s journey from personal tragedy to a technological beacon of hope is a testament to the power of human resilience and innovation. Her “Suicide Prevention Plugin” is not only a tribute to her late brother but also a lifeline for countless others who may be on the brink of despair. In a world where technology often serves as a double-edged sword, Alice’s story reminds us that we can harness its potential for good.

How Does it Prevent Self-harm?

Ripple steps in by providing a lifeline for individuals who seek out harmful content online. Once you install the Ripple extension in your web browser, any searches related to self-harm or suicide trigger an automatic pop-up. This pop-up delivers a message of hope and steers users toward invaluable resources, including helplines, text services, and webchats, all of which are available around the clock and sourced from reputable mental health charities.

The name ‘Ripple’ carries a profound significance, symbolizing the far-reaching impact of suicide. When an individual takes their own life, an average of 135 people are affected, creating a ripple effect that touches family, friends, colleagues, peers, and the wider community.

Who is Ripple for?

This ingenious tool isn’t limited to individuals and their families; it has found utility within organizations like Universities UK and Network Rail. It offers students and employees a crucial support system for their mental health needs.

Alice’s vision extends beyond individual usage; she aspires to expand Ripple’s reach as a parental control option and hopes that UK education providers will adopt it to deter self-harm searches within schools.

Where is Ripple Suicide Prevention Pluging available?

Currently, Suicide Prevention Plugin is accessible on popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Adding it is a straightforward process—simply visit the appropriate web store, search for ‘Ripple,’ and follow the installation instructions that appear.


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