Having emotional Self-Sabotage? How a Fitness Coach Share Her Success Story about Self Sabotage

Emotional-self sabotage is it worth discussing?

There is undoubtedly nothing more painful than when you find yourself in emotional self-sabotage where you keep doubting yourself, your strength, and your values and be engulfed with negative talks. Identify the signs of self-sabotage in your relationship and know how to manage it to keep yourself free from this self-doubt and procrastination.

Emotional self-sabotage behavior inhibits one from moving forward, thereby limiting your daily strength. This article will helps us see the reasons for finding a successful of getting back on track.

Are Signs of Emotional Self-Sabotage worth paying attention to?

Symptoms of emotional self-sabotage are usually more unconscious and subtle, like distorted beliefs that might make you question your existence and underestimate yourself or jeopardize your relationship. These related negative emotions will put you in a stage where you emotionally, mentally, physically, or deliberately hinder your personal growth, success, and well-being by sabotaging personal goals and values.


A fitness Coach shares her success story of working out regularly, mindful of her nutrition, and putting a stop to self-sabotaging,

She wrote….

My husband and I learned that the hard way.


Today, my husband is training for a Triathlon, and I am a UFE Pro Figure Athlete.

But that wasn’t always the case for us.

There was a time we both did not like the reflection we saw in the mirror.

I remember us feeling very stressed & uneasy.

All our friends and family members our age were getting pregnant “easily.”

We were married for three years and struggled to get pregnant.

From endless fertility clinic appointments, tests, and three failed IUI’s, we were doing “everything,” but it wasn’t in God’s plan to have a baby together.

Nelson felt the stress from his family, and I was envious that all my friends were getting pregnant naturally and quickly.

The stress poured on at Nelson’s place of work.

I ate because I was upset….because I was angry…

because I was frustrated…

because I was worried.

I ate and ate and ate.

We were doing everything the specialists were telling us to!

Nothing happened.

The pressure of trying and Nelson’s job ate him up.

So much so that he was diagnosed with depression, and the medication made him pack on the pounds.

My health was put on the back burner to take care of him.

Until one day, the image we saw in the mirror did not match the image we saw in our heads.

We hired a mindset coach, and both of us unpacked our hurt, disappointment, and pain.

 We stopped an emotional self-sabotage ourselves and stopped the negative voices in our heads.

 We started working out regularly.

 We began to be more mindful of our nutrition.

Now you see…we could have continued to resort to seeking comfort from junk food and falling victim to negative voices…

But we didn’t.

Although we were not blessed with a child – we were blessed with each other.

We both developed a healthier and stronger mind, body, and spirit.

So instead of pouring love into our baby, we now pour our love into our R3 clients and students.

 We share our story to teach that anything is possible.

 That self-love and self-care are self-respect.

 R3 is not only our passion but our ministry.

The Lord may not have blessed us with a child of our own, but he blessed us with servant’s hearts to love upon our extended R3 family. 

This is important because:

 You cannot pour into others with an empty cup.

You cannot love others if you don’t love yourself.

That’s what happened to us…

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I hope this helps you today.


Don’t Self-sabotage Your Inner Strength. You are Stronger than you think!

Coaches Crystal & Nelson Mallari


Emotional self-sabotage shouldn’t deprive you of where you are meant to be. You have all it takes to get yourself back on track!

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