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From Breakup to Award Winning Young Entrepreneur of The Year – Dailylifeforce

From Breakup to Award Winning Young Entrepreneur of The Year – Dailylifeforce
Ally Shagafuy Breakup

Have you gone through a horrible breakup and thought of giving up on life?

Here is a story of a 23-year-old entrepreneur whose wedding was called off without her consent. We all know how a breakup could put one into depression or suicidal ideation; Recently, there have been records of suicide, in which most of the causes resulted from a relationship breakup and betrayal from our loved ones. Still, this young lady stood her ground and proved the belief system that it is okay to feel down and disappointed and that life could happen, which may put you into losing yourself or your identity. But are you going to remain there? Are you going to sit there and prove to your challenges that they are the strongest and you got no strength in you? Here is the story of Ally Shagufah. There is a reason for every problem in our lives, directing us to the right paths.

Here is Ally Shagafuh Sucess Story

Ally Shagafuy Heratbreak Story
Ally Shagafuy Story
Last year, I was shocked to hear that my wedding was canceled because my ex-in-laws thought 𝗜 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗲𝗻𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵.
And that led to an ugly and awful breakup.
Simply because they wanted someone better and more prosperous.
And that was not me at the time.
But today, I am humbled to say that I’ve helped many entrepreneurs break their limiting beliefs so they can 2x their monthly revenue in their businesses.
Here’s how I made that massive shift from having a broken heart to having a successful coaching business.
I hired a mentor,
Took the risk,
And spent money I did not even have.
I was on coaching calls every day, and I would never miss one.
I wanted to change my life so bad and that of others.
And I wanted to be financially free.
So I started helping entrepreneurs break their limiting beliefs,
Especially around money,
So they can make more money with ease by doing what they love.
Helping them create a self-image that matches what they want to achieve.
And so far, it’s been so beautiful,
I wouldn’t change a thing about it.
I always say this,
My ex-in-laws didn’t believe in me and my potential.
And that’s okay,
I chose to believe in my potential, and I kept going.
Last Friday, I was in a room full of BIG thinkers.
And I had an epiphany,
I was among High-Ticket Coaches & Millionaires.
I was the youngest in the room,
As a High-Ticket Coach, at only 23.
All of this did not happen by luck,
It happened when I decided to go all in after what I wanted.
I knew I had won the game when I turned my ex-in-laws rejection into a coaching business,
But on that day, I still reminded myself.
“See, you keep winning, Shagufah.”
And I felt incredibly grateful.
To God,
For my family, friends, mentor, and all my coaches.
With them, I achieved all of that in less than one year.
I hope this inspires someone out there to keep going,
If you need something to believe in,
Start with yourself.


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