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From School Drop out to First Class: Joy as a Young Man who dropped out from Nigeria, graduated with First Class at Conventry University UK

Different circumstances in life can cause a student to drop out of school. For example, it could be a financial challenge or the wrong choice of career. However, many instances can cause a school dropout. Whichever way, when there is enough support from the parents or guardians and the students is not performing as expected, it raises a concern. This could also affect the parent-child relationship and lead to mental, emotional, and psychological problems. It involves depression, anxiety, loneliness, and suicide ideation in the child if care is not taken.

Parents’ expectations of their children

There is no good excuse for dropping collegeHence, it is every parent’s joy to see their child excel mostly academically because that serves as the foundation of the child’s success, according to research on the Cognitive Reflection Tests made by Inmaculada Otero of the University of the Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This stipulates the different importance of psychological tests.

What could cause dropping out right before graduation?

Poor grades, lack of financial support, interest in the course of study, or absence in class. Other behaviour like exam malpractice, cultism, or behaviours contrary to the school’s rules and regulations could be why a student is pushed out of school.

Sometimes in life, students who do not perform well in academics are considered insignificant to society. However, the truth is that every child has potential. Therefore, it is advisable as a student to know your dream and vision about choosing a particular course to study and put much effort into securing your plan despite all odds. Also, for parents to see the interest of their child and work towards achieving the same goal, no knowledge is a waste but finding the usefulness of the knowledge or skill is what makes it eminent—reading the real-life story of Nigerian youths who dropped out of school and the emotional and psychological effects both parents experienced.

The couple’s friend shared the success story, who took the young man to live with them in the U.K. to study sports management at Coventry University U.K.

Effect of dropping out of school

Some students may wish to drop out to make money or be free from academic tussles, but it does not come out as most people want it to. Dropping out of school can generate health issues for the students. If not managed well, life after dropping out of University could lead to personality disorders like anti-social behaviour. At this point, depression, regret, and self-condemnation set in. These conditions may lead to suicide. So dear students, wishing to drop out of school with a party! It is never an option.

This inspiring story of Igbo Nigerian students;

Let me walk you through the story of  Samuel Njoku, also known as Sammy or Sammie Njoku, who dropped out of Nigerian school, travelled to the U.K. to study at Coventry University, and graduated with first-class results. This article will give you the mindset that success is achievable! All you need is a good and stable mental state!!

Chiddie Anyasodo Wrote;

In 2018, Sammie Njoku came to live with us in the U.K. so he could attend University from our home.

But wait, let me start from the very beginning…

Sammy has been a sports star since primary school and blossomed in secondary school. He received many awards as a talented athlete representing his secondary school in many competitions.

The first time I met Sammy was on a football pitch playing for his local team in Owerri, Imo state, after my husband and I married. 

Even though he won all those sports awards, his parents didn’t support his passion for sports. Instead, whenever he won an award for sports, his parents would ask where the prize for the first academic position was, as they were highly educated and wanted their son to excel academically. 

However, Sammy seemed to go deeper into sports. He grew to love football and was an excellent athlete and footballer. 

After secondary school, Sammy wanted to attend a football Academy, but his parents refused and insisted he studies engineering. So, against his wish, he went to Covenant University in Nigeria to study Chemical Engineering. However, he had zero interest in the course and was advised by the University to withdraw due to poor academic performance. 

His mom was helpless as her only son had become a furious and depressed young man. He lost interest in life, and she watched him slowly withdraw from everything. He was always fighting her, and he became a delinquent.

At this point, his parents contacted my husband, Ben Preye Baldwin, to help out. Ben spoke to Sammy and discovered that he felt like a failure since he dropped out. He was also even more disappointed that he could not be a footballer. So, Ben recommended that he come to the U.K. and study Sports Management – this way, he would become a graduate in a field he loves. Sports Management also happens to be Sammy’s choice of study. 

His parents agreed, as this was a win-win for them. At least he gets to go to University.

Back to where I started….. 

Sammy moved to the U.K. to live with us, an angry, depressed young man with low self-esteem. He was barely happy with anyone around him. He still didn’t think he could succeed academically and started struggling. At that point, Ben wouldn’t let him do this. So he was getting therapy and coaching almost every day from him. 

One day, Ben told him, “imagine you graduate with a first-class. How would that feel?” Sammy said, “I don’t think that’s possible… First Class? That’s not me.” 

Ben went into his childhood and dealt with the traumas, which helped him regain his self-esteem. Ben also reprogrammed Sammy’s mind for success. At the same time, Ben was also doing personal effectiveness coaching with him and coaching him to structure his life correctly. 

Sammy started enjoying himself. He even joined the Coventry University Football team… And was shortly accepted to play at Leamington Hibernian Football Club. He was also the Sports and well-being officer at the Coventry University Student Union – in charge of all the sports clubs at the University. He won several awards for excellence, including the Community Impact Award, for significantly impacting student life through mental health. In addition, he was running a mental health podcast on campus. 

A few hours ago, he sent me a Whatsapp message, “Aunty Chiddie, my first class has been confirmed, “with a screenshot of his result. 

Tell me, what is more, beautiful than this?

A few seconds later, Sammy’s mom called me from Nigeria to rejoice and thank us. But, of course, it’s all a celebration right now at home. Even as I am typing, Sammy’s mom is celebrating with my parent’s Inlaw in Nigeria.


First-class honours – Sports Management 

There are so many lessons to take home from this. Take your address and apply it in your life. Mine is; “Never write anyone off… It’s not over until it’s over”. NIGERIAN parents and parents around the world have a lot to learn from this.

If you go to the Coventry University website, U.K., you’ll see Sammy’s face on the homepage.

Join me. Let’s celebrate him in a loud way 

Well done, Sammy! We are super, super, super proud of you! Your time is indeed NOW!

Final thought

What is keeping you from moving forward from purchasing that form and trying again using your last energy? What is making you choose to drop out as the final solution? What is stopping you from where you deserve to be? I bet you! You are more than…! pick up your saddle and keep moving. You are not alone when it comes to failure in life. What you need is the right people, people who believe you can! And good mental health to start pushing!

Let this Sammy story motivates you. Your daily life matters!!


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