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Mbappe’s story of life and football career started in his childhood bedroom, which was lined with posters of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, covering the walls.
He had a good idea of what would happen even at nine.
He spent his formative years in France, and his ultimate goal was to take home the Ballon d’Or.

This article talks about Mbappe’s story of life, determination and how family support also contributes to his journey.

What is Project Mbappe?

The plans laid out in his room are referred to as the “grand project” of Mbappe and his entire family, according to French journalist Ronan Boscher, who has written extensively about Mbappe and covered him for years.
According to Boscher, “He has always had a very clear path and wanted to keep to it.”

What is special about Kylian Mbappé?

He is someone who would take his time.
He has a strong sense of purpose and is very focused.
He had always pictured himself in this line of work.
He was aware of his destination, and he was now present there.

Mbappe, a Paris Saint-Germain star, scored 15 goals in 29 games this season for his hometown team. He teams up with Neymar on a squad currently atop Ligue 1 and prepares to take on Real Madrid in the Champions League’s round of 16.
It’s a testament to the player’s talent, who is hailed as the most promising young talent in the world, and to the family’s belief in that “grand project.”
Mbappe has had numerous opportunities to stray from this course as a child and, most recently, this summer.
He refused to give in to temptation.

Mbappe recently admitted to former French international Jerome Rothen on his RMC radio show, “I have had a career plan since my earliest age.”
“I will not be distracted by anything,” the speaker said. “I know what I want to do and where I want to go.”

Where Did Mbappe Grow and Mbappe’s story of life

Mbappe was raised in Bondy, a working-class neighbourhood of northeast Paris that is different from the city that most visitors see, by a close-knit and naturally athletic family.
His father, Wilfried, was a coach for AS Bondy, a non-league team in his community.
Fayza, his mother, played handball professionally.
Jires Kembo Ekoko, his 28-year-old adopted brother, is a professional football player who competes for Bursaspor in Turkey.
Mbappe began playing for his father’s club at age seven, and it wasn’t long before he was up against older boys as it became clear he had a rare and prodigious talent.
According to Boscher, “even at 10 he was being looked at by many clubs.”
Nobody had seen a young player in French football this good in a very long time.

Scouts from all over the nation were very enthusiastic.
He was a wunderkind with all the goods.

“His father wanted to be cautious because he knew his son was the best French player since Zinedine Zidane.
They had no desire to seize the first opportunity that presented itself.” However, as word of his talent spread, chances started to come his way. Through their French scout Guy Hillion, Chelsea had been keeping tabs on Mbappe, and in the fall of 2010, when he was 11 years old, they invited him to their Cobham training facility for a week-long trial.

Mbappe Family Support

The Mbappe family travelled to England primarily for the experience and had no intention of relocating, despite Chelsea’s best efforts to entice him to southwest London. Likewise, his mother, father, and uncle Pierre made the trip without the intention of uprooting themselves and leaving France.

This was more of an opportunity for Mbappe to be inspired, to put himself to the test at one of Europe’s top clubs, and to interact with some of his football idols.

Mbappe participated in one game for Chelsea’s under-12 team during his week-long stay, an 8-0 victory over Charlton Athletic.

Mbappe played alongside a talented group of athletes, including Tammy Abraham of England, who is on loan from Chelsea to Swansea City, and Jeremie Boga of France, who is still at Chelsea but is on loan to Birmingham City this year.

Sean Daly, who has over 17 years of experience managing youth football, was the manager of Charlton.

“Chelsea always has a few young players we have never heard of before when we play them; they have a conveyor belt of outstanding talent from all over,” said one of our players.

“It can be competitive sometimes, but that day we were crushed.
You say, “Oh my word,” as you observe some of their young players.

Mbappe relished his week of training at Chelsea’s facility.
He was extremely impressed by the state-of-the-art training facility, which had only been open for three years and was coming from a non-league club.


Did Mbappe Play For Chelsea?

During his visit to England, Mbappe was also given a tour of Stamford Bridge in London, met Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti and star forward Didier Drogba, and received a Chelsea shirt with the inscription “Kylian 10” on the back, which he hung in his bedroom after returning home. He wasn’t, however, “overawed at Chelsea,” according to French football analyst Matt Spiro.

“He had strong self-confidence and knew he could perform at a venue like this.
This week had validated what he already knew—he belonged at this level.”
Mbappe mentioned the significance of his trip to Chelsea when he was introduced at Paris Saint-Germain last summer.
He described it as “a wonderful experience,” according to the Daily Telegraph.
“The first great club and the significant club I visited was Chelsea.
So for me, it was a true discovery.”
I was leaving my neighbourhood, amateur club.

A new world opened up.
Of course, I had an idea of what a great football team looked like, but I was impressed by the work ethic and the commitment to improve daily.
And going to this infrastructure aided my development.”
Not just because I attended Chelsea, but since I was a child, an idea has been reinforced.
I’ve always believed, “I want to be there; I want to be one of those big players trying to make the game fun for people.” Mbappe said.

Mbappe and Chelsea Academy

Chelsea was eager to give Mbappe a spot in their academy at the end of the week, but despite their gratitude, his family did not even consider it and instead went back to France.
Since they were aware that Chelsea was only the first offer, they were content to reject it, according to Spiro.
“They anticipated receiving more of these offers.
They could see his potential in France.”
It wasn’t Chelsea’s fault, but because he would never leave the country at such a young age.
However, it was a chance for them to get to know him and lay the groundwork for the future; it was more of a meet and greet.


Julien Laurens, a correspondent for Le Parisien in London, says: “The coaches were blown away by Mbappe’s performance during his week at Chelsea.
Chelsea fought tooth and nail for him, but his family knew it wasn’t the right time.
I understand that Manchester United had planned for him to spend a week there, but it ultimately didn’t work out, so they returned home.”
The Mbappe family was also well aware of other gifted young players’ recent Chelsea experiences.

According to Boscher, “He knew he could be swallowed up at Chelsea.”
“He was aware of what had happened to the young players.
In a large club, it’s possible to become forgotten, and young players are frequently loaned out.

He believed it would be extremely challenging to make the first team immediately, even though that was always his goal.
Spiro claims: “He was raised by good people who helped shape him for success and was always a very mature child, even at a young age.
They watched everything carefully.”
Mbappe and his family decided against succumbing to Chelsea’s allure, and he went back to competing for AS Bondy’s youth teams.
Mbappe occupied a spot at the prestigious Clairefontaine of the French Football Federation six months after his return from Chelsea.

Because it was only 42 miles away, he commuted home on weekends and continued to play for AS Bondy, something he would not have been able to do if he had moved to Chelsea. He boarded at the academy from Monday through Friday.
Although it wasn’t the best, he was content.
Mbappe spent the following two years honing his craft at Clairefontaine under the watchful eye of the coaches, who recall a particularly motivated and gifted individual.
Mbappe was “bathed in the world of football,” according to former Clairefontaine director Gerard Precheur, who recently said to So Foot that Mbappe was “ambitious because he was aware of his potential and confident in the fact that he could reach the bar he had set for himself.

How Old Was Mbeppe When Real Madrid Invited Him?

Real Madrid called Wilfried Mbappe in December 2012 and invited him and his son to visit Madrid for a trial the same week Mbappe turned 14.
Unlike most young boys and their families, the Mbappes chose not to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
They took the same approach they had used with Chelsea.
They would only go for the adventure.
As Mbappe’s father succinctly said to France Football earlier this year, “We went to Madrid to please our son rather than to learn more about his potential.”
He visited Real Madrid as a birthday treat, according to Boscher.
It served as a small holiday and gift.
They viewed it as an opportunity to speak with Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane and have some items signed. But, of course, they were never joining them.”


Zidane and Mbapee

Even though Zidane showed up to greet Mbappe at his first practice with the Real Madrid youth teams and he could take a photo with his idol Ronaldo, nothing changed.
Also travelling to Spain was Mbappe’s uncle Pierre, who later explained the family’s reasoning for passing on Real Madrid.
Kylian has my sincere gratitude, Pierre told L’Equipe (h/t AS).
I would never have thought that my 13-year-old nephew would drive me to Real Madrid or Chelsea, but he did.
I had the great pleasure of meeting coaches like Ancelotti and Zidane, to be completely egotistical.

Mbappe grew up when French athletes frequently emigrated to other nations at a young age.
But it was obvious that he was determined to adopt a different strategy.
“Mbappe speaks French well.
And he wanted to stay in his native country because he is patriotic about it, “Bocher claims.
“So he didn’t see why he should leave so soon also very knowledgeable about French football’s past, In fact, he has many ties to France.”

Mbappe decided to continue his football education at AS Monaco after two fruitful years at Clairefontaine. He was drawn in by the reputation of their academy and the possibility of playing in their first team as a young player.

Mbappe flourished there, becoming the most exciting player in the world and, in his first season, the youngest player and leading goal scorer for Monaco.
In 2017, his goals enabled them to win the French championship and advance to the Champions League semifinals.

Who is The Idol of Mbappe and Inspiration?

When Real Madrid made a second attempt to sign Mbappe last summer and had a bid of £161 million accepted, it was assumed he would jump at the chance to play alongside his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.
He could have joined Madrid on tour in Miami via a private jet waiting to pick him up, but he refused to be coerced and stood his ground.
When he decided to sign with Paris Saint-Germain for the same sum a month later, he rose to the position of the second most expensive player in history.

For those familiar with the Mbappe clan, Kylian’s past, and his “grand project,” it came as little surprise.
According to Boscher, “It was the first time a French player had passed up a major foreign club for a French club.”
It came as a shock, but perhaps it shouldn’t have.
Mbappe has consistently engaged in that behaviour.
He would always remain in France to be near his family.

In Conclusion

The road to greatness is an individual’s responsibility with the help of families, parents and loved ones. Mbappe’s story of life and determination lead him to his success. His performance in the world Cup is also commendable, with Mbappe scoring the hat-trick in the final, winning the tournament’s Golden Boot and Silver Ball, making him the top goalscorer of all time in the World Cup Finals. This explains that one needs to know what one wants to become to accomplish one’s purpose and dream.

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