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Proven Ways of Earning a First Class Degree

Proven Ways of Earning a First Class Degree
Proven Ways of Earning a First Class Degree

Earning a first-class could be achieved if you aim to achieve that; like the saying that says “failing to plan, plan to fail,” it is difficult to fail when you plan and organize your route; you will hardly miss your exact way.

Getting a good grade, mostly first class, is relatively easy to achieve, first knowing why you need this. Ask yourself a question, “why do I need this? Do I need this for my parents? Do I need this, knowing where I’m coming from and what I want for myself?

How To Get A First-Class Degree

Earning the first-class degree will give you so many opportunities, ranging from the high edge of getting a scholarship abroad, being sponsored, and getting support from your loved ones.

Apart from the benefits mentioned, what is your aim for going to college? Ask yourself. What are my goals? This is one thing most students need to learn as an undergraduate.

Can I Still Get A First-Class Degree?

If you are planning to go to college (university), or you are in college or are you reading this article for your loved one? Then, I will share the practical ways of getting first-class honors.

Knowing what you want and knowing what you want as a student is the first and the right step to take in earning a first-class aspirant; you need to understand why you want that and what to make out of it. So create a board in your room, write out your aims and goals, paste them on the wall, and every morning visit there to remind yourself of what you want before attending your lecture.

Eight Steps To Your First-Class Honors

1. Do not skip classes, and always be punctual at school. 

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “first” means “preceding all others in time, order, or importance”;  earning a first class requires working smart, and you need to be punctual and regular in class. On the other hand, you need not miss information. Hence you need to pay attention and listen to the lecturer.

Avoid things that distract you, ranging from your chair or desk position to the people around you. In achieving this, punctuality at school will allow you to get a good place to sit in class. And not just that, staying in a regular position would help your body program your mind and brain, making learning more accessible for you to grasp. For example, a blind man could quickly get a cup of water when needed because he had mastered where the cup is permanently kept. Always sitting on a particular will make learning more effective for you.

2. Earning the first-class result;

Reading ahead of the class will help you to identify some questions that might be difficult for you to understand, write them down, and present them to the lecturer, by asking questions while in the class, it will help you to get some clarification. Let me give you a practical example; if you are new to a road, trying it out for the second time or more will make you familiar with it, and you will not lose track. Studying ahead of time will reduce how difficult the subject might appear to you.

3. To Earn First-Class, You Need To Choose Your Friends.

Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are” this is a saying we always say without knowing its deep meaning. Even if you are not brilliant or not doing well in your academics, choosing excellent and intelligent friends will make you better at what you do. Good friends push you to read; they force you to be better. They will always tell you, “Babe/guy, we need to study; there is no shortcut to it. And be ready to listen to them and know the rules that guide them in their studies.

How do you know you got friends? You won’t be afraid to confide in them; they are ready to help you solve your academic problems; you need to be in good mental health, and choosing good friends would promote your mental health.

4. Know your friends’ preferences

You know your friends’ preferences about life after school is significant to your academic performance. Like the saying “birds of the same feathers flock together,” Knowing that your friend, after an undergraduate degree, has plans to further ahead helps you know that you got a companion on this journey. Some friendship ends after school, and being sure of that will help you plan how to go with them.

Some students enroll in college or university because their parents want them to do and after that, they go into the area of their choice. It could be into music, business, or even want to or cybercrime, tagging it as a quick way to make money. Knowing these will help you map your time and plan straight for what you want.

5. Plan Out Your Time For Reading And Your Leisure Time

You don’t just spend most of your time reading without giving yourself a break. It would help if you have quality time, go out with your friends, take good air and see new places. It could be a cinema, or anywhere of your choice.

6. How Rare Is A First-Class Degree

Learning is becoming more accessible due to the invention of technologies and different platforms for educational topics. Searching for the issues you were being taught in the class will increase your understanding of that course.

Some professional courses and other courses and courses that need more clarification and practicals require videos to guide you, and YouTube is one of them. 

7. Be In Good Company With Your Lecture

Having a good relationship with your lecturer will encourage you to consistently attend classes because most of them would ask of you, and you don’t want to disappoint or make them feel you are not serious about your studies. Moreover, a good relationship with them will make them listen to you even when it is urgent.

 8Listen/watch inspirational and motivational videos

Like we all know that life does not always happen as we planned; sometimes in life, we get what we want, and sometimes, we get disappointed by people or things around us, but with that, we need to acquire ourselves surrounded by things that would push us to become the best version of ourselves. As a student who aims to earn first-class, the steps you have taken are challenging; this article is for you. Reading, listening to, and watching songs and videos that inspire and encourage you will help you to keep moving; check out the people that made it, read stories, and tell yourself you will get there someday.


Knowing what you want from the first day you step into the school will guide you to achieve your aim.



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