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Mental Health Awareness Month and 10 Places to Visit According to Psychologists

Why is May a Mental Health Month? May is recognized as "mental health month," a time when we emphasize educating

Is Porn addiction Ruining Your Mental and Physical Health? Here Are Ways To Overcome it

What Is Addiction To Porn? The term "porn addiction" is not well-defined. The boundary between porn addiction and what can

Online Mental Health Counseling: A Complete Guide to Your Digital Space

Is online mental health counselling recommended in the digital world? If Therapy in your own time and space appeals to

Practical Attitude That Promotes Resilience After Trauma

           To Promote Resilient After Trauma!  How often do you engage in activities that promote resilience

Drug Abuse: What You Don’t Know about Alcohol

Whenever Drug abuse is mentioned, what clicks in your mind are cocaine, heroin, and amphetamine (dry Ice). But many others include prescription

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.