What You Need To know About Therapy Session

A therapy session is suitable for your mental health treatment. But are you constantly worrying about your mental health because you are afraid to meet a therapist?

You don’t want to talk about that ugly situation; you don’t want even to remember talking about the event in the past because you feel it could get worse talking about it, how the therapist will react to your situation and how you could manage the unforeseen problems.

What Happens In The First Session Of Therapy?

Honestly, there is nothing more excruciating than telling your painful experience to someone who would later use it against you or show no concern about your specific problems.

But going to the right person and place will provide the expected results. The question. ‘Why do I need to see a therapist? Who do I tell about my mental health issues? Who is willing to help me?

Reading this article will give a hint of who a therapist is, what they do, and why you need them.

However, booking a therapist session will be helpful if you are willing to attend your therapy session and practice what the therapist instructed you to do. In addition, knowing the answers to your questions will help you as you book your therapy session to achieve the expected results.

Who is a therapist?

A therapist is a licensed medical professional that assesses, diagnoses, and cures individuals with emotional and mental disorders.

What made a therapist different from your friends?

Worrying about sharing your health-related problems with your friends and colleague may yield a different result.

A therapist is licensed, undergoes, and acquires the necessary skills to treat psychological, emotional, and mental problems.

Like in medical practice, doctors assess and diagnose with lab results before making treatment protocol decisions.

Therapists/psychotherapists do psychological assessments before their treatment or therapy sessions.

There are different areas of specialization in mental health and professionals in that field.

However, in booking a session with a therapist, these are things you need to know:

They are human and need your help.

Before booking a session with a therapist, ask yourself a question “I am willing to go for this treatment; I am ready to give up on those things that the therapist might point out; I am prepared to become the person I wanted to become.

And after giving answers to this question, you will be in an excellent position to promise to flow with the therapist.

A therapist’s goal is to stabilize your crisis.

  • Stabilizing of crisis is one of the primary goals the therapist would help; remember, at this point, you are overwhelmed with recent events and need to be free.

Trying to calm the situation, be willing to appreciate the recent improvement, and pay attention to the following instructions given to you.

Be honest

  • As a layperson, psychologists read people’s minds; in as much as you believe this, be free to talk to your therapist regarding the question and what you have in mind and be willing to create a good relationship with them for effective results.


  • Transference also happens in therapy; in this case, you redirect your feelings about your ex, mother, or father to the therapist.

This could bring positive results if you have positive or good feelings towards your ex, mother, or father and can also disrupt the success of the therapy if you have negative feelings towards any of these people.

You need to bear in mind that you also need to play a significant role here. If properly managed, you could avoid the therapist. You need to try possible best to draw energy that will lead to the success of your therapy.

They are willing to listen.

  • One of the therapists’ skills is that they are willing to listen to and empathize with you, so do not worry about that.

Creating new ways of managing subsequent problems

The therapist will help you develop new ways of coping with future problems. You will only call them if you need their help or have questions.

What does the therapist treat?

The therapist treats a wide range of mental health problems, such as:



Bipolar disorders

Eating disorders



Post-traumatic stress disorder

Substance use disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

What Other Psychological Problems Do Therapists Do?

Additionally, the therapist also assists people in managing some of these problems, such as;

Divorce and breakups


Relationship problems


Chronic pain or serious illnesses

Grief or loss

Is a therapist the same as a psychotherapist?

Therapists are professionals with qualifications and education in the area of psychotherapy. However, a therapist may be:

 Clinical psychologists:

They are professionals who connect with clients to recognize problems such as mental, emotional, and behavioral problems.

A clinical psychologist can achieve this through individual observations, tests, interviews, and by preparing a therapy program aligned with the client’s needs.

A psychoanalyst: 

These are healthcare professionals who treat individuals’ psychological problems using psychoanalysis techniques. Sigmund Freud introduced this psychoanalytic therapy.

A psychiatric nurse practitioner:

They are mental health nurses who focus on mental health to care for people of all ages undergoing distress and psychological illnesses.

A licensed clinical social worker:

These are healthcare specialists who hold a master’s certificate in social work and are approved to provide evaluation and counseling services; they perform services in some settings like hospitals, primary care, mental health, community, and healthcare agencies.

Forms of therapy session

Booking a therapy session can take different forms depending on you and your therapist.

Individual therapy session:

This therapy involves the individual and the therapist; this can be good when you don’t like sharing your problem with a third party.

Couples therapy session:

As the name implies, these are therapy sessions booked by couples to resolve their marital problems. It includes working with the therapist to better how you function in your relationship.

The couples’ marital issues in this session are tabled, discussed, and resolved to achieve their primary goal.

Family therapy session: 

Through this avenue of intervention, families can book a therapy that can strengthen the family.

Booking family therapy sessions, therapy is meant for individuals undergoing psychological problems and for a group of people or families who aim to resolve and strengthen their relationship goals. These include strategies needed to resolve family problems.

Now, are you ready to book a therapy session? Going through this will give you a guide on what you need to know and if there is anything you want to share with us, kindly share it within the comment session.

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