Linh Podetti: Meet 7-Figure Business Entrepreneur, Who Started Her Life Journey as a Single Mum

Linh Podetti, the Vietnamese 7-figure business entrepreneur who started her life journey as a single mum, dropped an inspirational message as she celebrates her 10th wedding anniversary in a grand style.

Linh is a Vietnamese Social entrepreneur and the founder of an outsourcing angel agency Linh Poddetti has continued to be a source of inspiration to many people with her success story of a single mother.

Speaking with Dailylifeforce, Linh revealed that the business that made her a 7-figure owner today was when she started an e-commerce business selling nail polish online.


Linh Podetti: Meet 7-Figure Business Entrepreneur, Who Started Her Life Journey as a Single Mum

Here Are Three Things You Need to Know About The Founder of Outsourcing Angel, Agency


Linh Poddeti Life and Business journey

In her words, it was tough for me to support my child financially and emotionally as a single mum when my family disowned me.

In other to make a different life, Linh had to change. At age 26, she started an E-commerce business selling nail polish; she didn’t know anything about starting a business. Still, she was determined and studied everything there, from marketing, finance, sales, web development and outsourcing.

While she enjoyed the process of entrepreneurship, she didn’t want the nail polish business. She spent a lot of time packing and sending products she wasn’t passionate about, so she decided to sell her nail polish business for $5,000 and used the money to start a Marketing Agency, Red & Black Solutions.


Linh Podetti’s mission to the world

She is to use her outsourcing angel for hiring virtual assistants worldwide, including in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Bulgaria. She added that she donates a portion of her company profits to charity initiatives assisting less privileged communities in the Philippines. Alongside everything, she shares on YouTube and social media.


Linh Poddetti Family

The social Entrepreneur and industrious woman is a wife and mother of three amazing kids’ her family journey started with her trying to start a business and survive as a single mum. Linh is now happily married to Philip Podetti. Linh was living in Melbourne and sharing business tips on YouTube when Philip came across one of her videos. Both connected through the business and later married and were blessed with three kids Dylan, Monica, and Jordan.


Linh has proven that one can be successful, no matter the circumstances!

We brought her message for you as she celebrates her wedding anniversary.

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