Overcome Loneliness and Depression Practice These Seven Steps

Loneliness can be described as being alone even when people surround you, this does not mean when you are alone at home, or probably dad and mom are not around, your wife went to the market, or your children are not at home. No! You can be alone at home and find something to do by reading, watching films, listening to songs, or engaging in any activity.

Have you wondered if sometimes you find yourself with a group of people yet feel lonely? Or you find yourself alone at home and probably start thinking about how the world is unfair to you. Despite your effort to support friends, family, and colleagues, no one comes to help in your time of need. What do you do? Cry, or scream? Damn! and probably pitch a fit.

However, you probably feel lonely because you lost your loved one; it could be your spouse, parents, sibling, friend, or colleague. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Studies show that the U.S. is experiencing a “LONELINESS epidemic” in 2018; the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) experts discovered that 22% of Americans always feel lonely. Prolonged feelings of isolation often come with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

The feeling of Loneliness can lead to an increase in high blood pressure, cognitive decline, weakened immune system, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Now, what do you do when you feel isolated?

Sometimes when you feel lonely, you need to remind yourself that you haven’t accomplished your dreams and get them done by listening to songs or motivational talks. Anything that could lift your spirit, even visiting friends that understand you.

Did you hear me say eat? Yes! Food is one of the things that makes me happy; I walk to the kitchen and cook a delicious meal. But, of course, at that point, I have to make it tasty and yummy, unlike the previous days; that is to say, if I added one sachet of tomato to a particular meal that moment I need to add two, this also applies to other ingredients or spices that I use, it’s pretty funny, right?

These seven practical ways will help build strength to overcome loneliness and depression you don’t need these feelings, but understanding the rules and practices to overcome these feelings will help.


 Here are seven ways to overcome or manage Loneliness;

Getting to Safety will Help you Overcome Loneliness.

Safety means a place free from anything that can hurt you. Avoid things, businesses, and people that cause physical, emotional, and mentally lonely.

It may not sound easy to do because those things, places, and people may have what you need that keeps you going there, depending on the belief that without it, you can not survive or be happy; however, it is not always true, you need to be safe first before you can accomplish or achieve a goal.

Have you worked in an organization where you believe your job is secured? How was your effort? You may recall or remember you want the best for the organization and which they see in your step and work in growing the organization; this is to remind you how Safety could bring peace.

 Surround yourself with people that love you and want to see you succeed

There is no better feeling than that you are spending quality time with people that love and support you. Have you found yourself in a place where you are being encouraged for the little work you did?

The truth is that if you surround yourself with people that genuinely love you, you will notice that you have no time to worry about anything than what to do to succeed in life and to appreciate those persons in your life; with this mindset, you will see yourself busy, but that does not mean you won’t breakdown again the feeling may come, but you will push it through because this time you have branches that holds you.

Have you wondered why trees hardly fall even with violent wind? It is because the roots are firmly holding them. Therefore, you hardly relapse if you surround yourself with people who love and care about you.

Accept who you are and share your concern with people or seek professional assistance.

Acceptance is the conscious effort to unconditionally value who you are, not let fear get in your way, and practice radical honesty by admitting your mistakes to enable you to chart the right path and establish yourself.

When overwhelmed, seek professional help to guide you. Remember, there is no more excellent feeling when one is supporting you; if you can’t get it from people around you, you can book a session with a therapist and watch your determination to succeed transcend your challenges.

How To Overcome Loneliness Without Friends

Loneliness can be overcome when you engage in activities you love and enjoy, probably listening to an inspirational song, reading, cooking, dancing, and watching movies. Whatever makes you happy, do it as long as it calms your nerves and without any adverse effects.

How To Not Feel Lonely When You Don’t Have Friends

Try your best to enjoy spending quality time alone and reconnect with yourself; this could be asking yourself questions like ” where did I get it wrong? What do I need to make it right? The questions would help to narrow your perceptions and fix missing parts.

You can take a walk in the park or in your compound to get some fresh air, go to the cinema or recreational center, meet people, or do anything that makes you happy outside your comfort zone.

Take care of yourself. No one will do it for you; Loneliness shouldn’t be your companion.

This feeling is generated when you look at the mirror and see your beauty, body shape, eyes, and skin. What you are because beauty comes from within; damn, you are terrific. You deserve better, so treat yourself like you deserve better.

Engage in productive activity and monitor your effort

To overcome the Loneliness of being single, you can look for any digital skill to learn and specialize in. What are you good at? Writing, singing, daily business, studying, cooking, teaching, or anything that is your passion, turn that into productivity.  

The world is digital, and there are so many ways to monetize your skills, there are Youtube, Tik Tok, and Facebook just recently Marck Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook recently, introduced Facebook reels to Facebook as a way in which influencers could earn money by doing any of this don’t be carried away or get distracted from where you aim to be, have a vision and goal and work towards it for the new you.

There is so much life out there, gets it? You deserve to be happy, don’t bite yourself down; the universe needs you.

Reward yourself for the success you have achieved.

To deal with Loneliness and rejection, you need to practice gratitude by acknowledging God for keeping you alive. 

Doing these things you love is great for your mental and emotional well-being.

Seeing that you are rewarding yourself for your effort will motivate you to keep growing, reward yourself with every task you accomplish, get yourself some good clothes and quality treats, and be happy.

Exercise regularly

Exercise has proven to help regulate our hormones; go to the gym; if you can’t afford that, create a specific time to exercise regularly, increase your “feel-good hormones,” and watch yourself glowing.

A final thought on How to Overcome Loneliness

You feel lonely because you don’t love yourself, you feel lonely because you don’t trust yourself, you feel lonely because you think you need another to complete you, spend quality time to improve your life and make it better, and the right people will show up in your life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said: ” you are not lonely if you like the person you are alone with. “Are you spending more time alone because of your past unfortunate experiences or because you think nobody understands you or knows what you are going through?

Are you avoiding social interactions because it keeps reminding things you want to forget or challenges of life you would not be able to deal with? Loneliness, social isolation, or social withdrawal can cause adverse effects on those you care about and create a permanent obstacle for you to progress in life.  

Please, if you find yourself in this situation, seek help from mental Health professional, psychologist, or psychiatrist; good Health is wealth. 

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