Sheila Kiss: 64 Years Old Fitness Model Shares Tips for Long and Happy Marriage as She Celebrate Her 45th Wedding Anniversary  

Sheila Kiss, who is she?

Sheila kiss, a 64-year-old model from Birmingham, UK, has taken to her social media to share with fans that her journey of 45th years in marriage has been with joy and laughter. It is a great joy to have a reason to celebrate life with your loved ones.

This article will help you understand that healthy marriage promotes mental and physical well-being. Reading this article, it is evident that Sheila Kiss is mindful of diet and fitness.

Sheila Kiss is a mother and fitness model blessed with three wonderful children and a supportive husband. The fitness model, who appreciates her husband for being supportive and caring, could not contain the joy as she shared how her 45th wedding anniversary was celebrated with her lovely husband to her fans. Sheila Kiss, the top model, also shared her experience on their first date as she wrote;

Yesterday was our 45th wedding anniversary, and I have no idea how that happened, as it’s just gone so quickly.

We’ve had lots of fun along the way, so many laughs, and are still as thick as thieves and best friends.

That’s how we roll, lots of laughter, and we don’t take things too seriously.

Here are some pics of my husband… he is always behind the camera, so today, I let him out of the dungeon for a few pics.

Someone asked me today if I had any tips for a long and happy marriage.

In my opinion, I would say be kind to each other, laugh a lot, and have a short memory.

I just asked, “oh great wise one” (hubby) his tip for a happy marriage, and he said, “happy wife, happy life.”

So there you have it…

We don’t buy gifts for each other as we have more than enough of everything.

I’m not into fancy jewelry, and my engagement & wedding ring are the only pieces I own.

We have three wonderful children, each with fabulous partners, and five adorable grandchildren, which is more than we could have wished.

Our first date was on a fishing trawler; I wore a white bikini and vomited all day. I had ribs like a greyhound when I got off the boat.

Who on earth takes a girl out on a first date on a working fishing trawler, and what sort of girl agrees to go

Have a sensational Sunday, and don’t forget to smile, everyone

The fitness model also added, “while watching TV at home, about 8 feet apart on different sofas, my husband will always send me a text message saying I love you so much” Isn’t that sweet? she asked!


A healthy and supportive marriage keeps one youthful, beautiful and happy.
Paying attention to what you eat and who you surround yourself with reflects who you are. Are you procrastinating about your healthy habits, fitness routine, self-care, and self-love? Boldly take the step today, and I assure you you won’t regret it.


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