33 Surefire Habits of Successful Positive People That Will Transform You In A Year

Surefire habits of successful positive people! Are yours working for or against you? Positive habits are meant to direct self-development and self-discovery.

People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their fate! We do not get what we want; we get our habits!!

Everything you have in life is because of your habits. Equally, everything you don’t have in your life is because of your patterns!

If practically implemented, these thirty-three surefire habits of successful, positive People from Dailylifeforce will transform your life in less than six months.

Question. ”Are yours serving you?” Identify your daily routines and, with complete honesty, asses their ability to empower or disempower you!!!

Stop rationalizing why you do what you do… Stop being rational with your lies, for that is what it is. Rational-lies.

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Once you have elicited your daily habits, decide that today is the last day you will tolerate your bullshit and justification for engaging in practices that just don’t benefit you and then make another decision that today is the day you determine what is necessary to evolve, transform and grow.

List Of Surefire Habits of Successful Positive People

1. Every month, read at least one book.

2. At the beginning of each week and month, list your goals.

3. Measure and monitor these objectives over the entire year, and be honest with yourself about what you accomplished and what you could have done better.

4. Limit your meat consumption to just one day per week.
5. Before you eat a meal with someone you care about, keep your phone silent.

6. Even if it seems like a “little pain,” talk to someone you trust when you’re hurt.

7. Travel by foot whenever and everywhere you can.
8. Make every effort to show consideration for and awareness of other people.

9. If you honestly believe that something would benefit you, say “yes” to the thing that makes you uncomfortable.

10. Keep a notepad nearby and write in it every day with the premise that there are no rules, no one will ever read it, and that it is just a way to get your thoughts down on paper.

11. Attempt to become more aware of your emotions than ever before by naming and addressing them instead of considering them as a silent companion that you ignore since you hardly even notice them.

12. Avoid talking and instead listen. After that, be kind to yourself if you fail at this. Then make another effort.

13. Before bed, look at anything aside from a screen: Examples are a book, a window, your spouse, a cat, or the ceiling. Anything that won’t immediately plunge you back into the world you’re attempting to escape for eight hours.

14. Rather than taking pride in how little sleep you get, treat sleep as an absolute requirement and a top priority.
15. Pay attention to the elements you need to produce quality work: You need music. Do you require solitude? Is it a helpful window? Need some white noise? Do you need to place your phone on its side? Do you require 45-minute pauses to read a few pages of a book? Do you need to start right now, or should you go for a walk first? Pay attention to the times you performed at your best, take note of the circumstances surrounding that experience, and then make every effort to repeat that performance at every opportunity.

16. At times, converse with strangers: If your Uber driver seems conversational, strike up a conversation with them.
Anything else than today’s happy hour offers should be discussed with your server. Ask the person who is ringing up your dry laundry about their day. The exchange can occasionally be pleasant but forgettable. However, sometimes you’ll remember it years from now. You learn the most when you listen to what people have to say.

17. When you set a new objective and experience the same exhilaration each time you think about it, share it with someone. Things’s amazing how much more palpable and natural it becomes when you do this.

18. Listen to white noise when you need to concentrate, focus, or create or need your brain to relax.

19. Pay attention to how much time you squander and how many useless tasks you complete in the minutes or hours before bed. Stop when you catch yourself engaging in activities like clicking through absurd slideshows or thoroughly exploring someone’s Facebook page. You should floss. And then turn out. You will do these activities less frequently as you strive to catch yourself doing them.
20. Be careful to be mentally and emotionally committed to your decision to unwind. Could you not take it lightly? Don’t “relax” on the couch while checking your emails, doing “something minor” for business, or organizing a trip. Just completely commit to unwinding. Immerse yourself in the book, movie, television show, walk, or yoga session. Make sure it’s the only thing you focus on.

Wear whatever is most likely to make you feel at ease, self-assured, and like yourself. You only need to put in more effort to look for these ensembles, which do exist.

22. Quickly open your mail: Answer the questions that must be addressed and disregard the others. Do this right away. Spend no time berating yourself when you stick with it for a while, enjoy success, and then four months later, you’re back to your old ways. To every one of us, it occurs. Begin again.

23. Express to others your pride in them, gratitude for them, inspiration from them, appreciation for them, presence with them, honor to know them, and comfort from them.

24. Always base your choices—no matter how small—on your desire to behave honorably.

25. Consider your situation one year, five years, or ten years ago. Consider all the things you are doing now that you would never have thought you could do before. Then keep waking up every day, working on uniqueness, and making yourself proud of the future.
25. Put the guidelines into practice to squelch your fears and skepticism
26. Practice being patient, persistent, and prayerful
Be the best version of yourself, and let go of restricting habits to achieve greater heights.
Stop putting things off 29 Pay no attention to doubters and concentrate on improving yourself and moving forward, upward, and growing.
Recode your self-deprecating ideas, and take charge of your subconscious mind.
33.  Expand your business and others as long as you can.

Do you have any surefire habits of successful, positive people you may wish to add to support others? You can use the comment section below.

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