4 Inspiring Stories of Lawyers of African Female Lawyers

Inspiring Stories of lawyers that will motivate you to keep striving. Working as a lawyer can be gratifying for professionals looking for an intellectually stimulating and influential career. As a lawyer, you can pursue various specializations and make a difference in the lives of others while earning a high salary.

However, some obstacles could derail this dream and aspiration.

If you’re thinking about becoming a lawyer, read through some of the most common inspiring stories of lawyers during their study days to help you stay on track and not give up on your dreams.

In this article, we share inspiring success stories of lawyers that will inspire you to become a lawyer and offer helpful tips for successfully starting your career in law.

Interesting and Inspiring Lawyer Stories

Inspiring Story of Noluthando Sigudu

Noluthando Sigudu
Noluthando Sigudu


Noluthando Sigudu inspirational Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa and Director of Noluthando Sigudu Attorney. She began working as a waitress at Spur while studying for her LLB.

After earning a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Limpopo and completing her Practical Legal Training at the University of Pretoria, she moved to Johannesburg (UP). However, she didn’t stop working because she had graduated. She continued working as a waitress and cashier while applying to law firms, and she even went on to work as a consultant for Pick n Pay Clothing until she got her dream job related to her qualifications.

“I did what I needed to do to get where I needed to go.”
“I’ll be eternally grateful for where God has placed me in the past and where He has placed me now,” Noluthando said.

She has done everything from cleaning tables at Spur to working at Pick n Pay Clothing to becoming an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa and Director of Noluthando Sigudu Attorneys. Noluthando Sigudu is an inspiration because she does not allow pride to control her.

2. Inspiring Story of Jessikah Inaba

Meet Jessikah Inaba
Meet Jessikah Inaba

Meet Jessikah Inaba, who, at the age of 23, became the United Kingdom’s first blind black barrister after qualifying for the Bar on October 13, 2022. She made history by being the first blind black female to become a lawyer in the UK

She completed a rigorous five-year course in which she used Braille to read legal texts and ended up in the hospital at one point after pushing herself to the limit to achieve her goal.
Jessikah is completely blind due to the eye condition bilateral microphthalmia, which causes babies to be born with smaller-than-normal eyes.

She graduated from The University of Law in London with a Bachelor of Law (LLB), a Master of Law (LLM), and a Bar Practice Course (BPC).

“I’ve always believed in myself since the beginning – nothing about me suggests this isn’t possible.”

“I know I can do this job very well, and the more people who go through training like me, the easier it will become.”

“It’s great knowing I’m giving hope to others in similar situations.”

“The ceiling is triple-glazed glass. I’m not the most common gender or race, and I have a disability, “But by pushing through, I’m easing the burden on the next person like me,” Barrister Jessikah Inaba explained.

3.Inspiring Story of Patience Masua

Meet Patience Masua
Meet Patience Masua

Born in January 1999, Namibia’s youngest Member of Parliament is 23 years old (MP).

Following the resignation of Defence Minister Vilho in April 2021, she was appointed Member of Parliament by President Hage Geingob, becoming Namibia’s Youngest MP.

She previously served as Secretary General of the Namibia National Students Organization (NANSO) and as Speaker of the University of Namibia (UNAM) SRC Student Parliament.

Hon. Patience Masua graduated from Delta Secondary School Windhoek, where she was the Deputy Head Girl in the Learners Representative Council.

She has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours in Law from the University of Namibia (UNAM) as well as a Certificate from the International Humanitarian Organization (IHO).
She is an education advocate, youth activist, constitutionalist, the founder and chairwoman of the Patience Masua Foundation, a YALI alumnus, and the former Namibian Country Director of the Southern Africa Youth Forum (SAYOF).

Masua, Hon. Patients – Quotes:

“No Namibian student with the ability, willingness, and qualification should be denied access to higher education because of a lack of funding.”

“I don’t give in to likability politics because I don’t sing for a living; I work for it.” So trust that I will call you out if you perform outside of your mandate. Capacity must be balanced against power. ‘An unusual business,’ it certainly is.”

“If we address the land question, we can alleviate much of the colonially entrenched suffering we still face today.”
It’s all about the land, which is why they took it by force. Therefore, we must resolve the land issue decisively.”

4. Inspiring Story of Mercia Viriato Lica

Inspiring Stories of Lawyers:
Meet Mercia Viriato Lica

born without arms, and instead of resigning to her fate, she has taken that as a motivation and made life better. She is the youngest elected Member of Parliament (MP), Lawyer, and Disability Advocate in Mozambique.

On January 13, 2020, at the age of 23, she became the youngest MP in the history of the Republic of Mozambique when she took the oath of office alongside the other 249 parliamentarians.

She was born with no upper limbs due to a congenital disability. Typing on the phone, writing on paper, drinking water, and using a computer are all things she does with her feet, along with a variety of other activities that require hands and arms.

Hon. Lisa graduated from Maputo’s Pedagogical University with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in Law in 2019. Mercia discussed her plans to inspire young Mozambicans in an interview on her first day as a parliamentarian:

“I hope to contribute to the country’s development through schooling and education. To encourage young people to never give up on their studies because education is the path to success. By being here in this great chamber, I will be able to encourage and inspire many people through my work during my term. When people look at me and see that I am capable, they will also take action. ”


Whether you’re studying to be a lawyer or recently graduated, it can be extremely overwhelming, and your goals may seem out of reach. It is sometimes necessary to look outside the law bubble for inspiration, as many people are out there. Of course, researching talented lawyers and important cases is beneficial, but every success story teaches us something. After all, being a lawyer entails looking beyond what is in front of you.

Remember the essential lessons to learn from others if you want to be and let that be your motivation.

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